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So, my vacation in America was a blast. My brother and I got to go to America alone, because my mom and lil sis had already left, beacause my Grandfather was sick, and my dad was with us, but he still had to finish work, so we got to go alone…  Houston was amazing… I got to meet my best friends, have sleepovers, go to amusement parks and theaters, and stuff like that… we went to Delaware in the middle of July, and then we went to the mountains in Pennsylvania. Over there, we stayed in a rented house for 5 days right next to the lake. We went real white water rafting and that was the most awesome experience I’d ever had. It was a 6 mile course and we got to just off the raft at any time and swim, we stopped on shore and had a picnic, we went through rapids, and we jumped off these huge cliffs, which was like a roller coaster going down free style, and suddenly hitting the water! We also went to the beach and the zoo over there and fed giraffes and held parrots (eek, but I did it xD).  And back in Houston, we went to AlMaghrib’s IlmSummit, which was fun! I didn’t really attend the classes, but I just went to stay with my parents over there for one day, but attended up staying for a week because it was fun. The sisters were really nice, we played games, and then Baba Ali came. Yes! I MET BABA ALI!!! =). So yeah.. then we also came back by ourselves (my brother and I) 1 week after my parents… that was a summer to remember!

That’s all folks!




Okay, so I know I haven’t posted in over a whole year… and probably no one comes on anymore… but just for the fun of it (I know this is what I said last time, too), I’m going to TRY and post again… Maybe (if I can find time), I’ll try and post my whole vacation in America this summer… so yeah…

Ramadan Kareem


Asslamualaikum. I didn’t get to post yesterday because I was out of the house most of the day… so I’m posting todays and yesterdays blog in one day.

August 1st:

Friday night, me and Abdullah sneaked out of bed, after our parents went to sleep. I went in bed around 4:30AM, and I told Abdullah to come too, but, unfortunantly, he didn’t listen. So, when my mom woke up for Fajr prayer, Abdullah got caught. Which made him blame me (I was already asleep), which made both of us in trouble. I didn’t get to sleep in yesterday, but I consider 12 noon early. So, I had to wake up early =\
Until 4pm we did nothing, but use the computer, watch TV, and eat (lazy, I know). Then, we got ready, and left our house for bowling! We followed our neighbors (and friends) to the place in Baba’s new, temporary, and totally FAZOOL (useless, but alhamdulilah) car. When we got to the place, we discovered something horrifing, especially for the girls. No one in Abaya, thowb, shorts, or skirt is allowed to play. Dude! It’s a MUSLIM country. There are NO rules like this in USA at all! All the girls (other than babies, which only leaves 2 moms and me) were wearing Abaya, including me. (I also took a picture of this sign, which something was spelled incorrect [picture] )

So, of course, we left that place, and went to the bowling place in City Center Mall, which is a 5 floor Mall, including an Ice Skating rink, Bowling center, Grocery store (yeah, I’m serious), Arcade, and a Movie Theater! And it’s only a 10 minute walk from our temporary apt. We went bowling there, and there were only 5 players per game, so me, Abdullah, and the babies shared one player (UGH!), my dad, my mom, mom’s friend, and dad’s friend. Baba ended up letting me play for him after half of the game… and the babies took most of their parents turns. So, basicly Abdullah got his own player. In the end, baba’s friend one, then mama’s friend, then baba, then babies, then mama (aww).
Then we left after playing one game, and went to this Qatari restraunt (finally!). Wallahi, that place was awesome! Alhamdulilah! We went upstairs, and there were these little private rooms, where you sit on the floor with cushions. (Men seperate, woman seperate, so they could take off their niqab). Over there, my dad and his friend met up with another friend (planned) and his wife. We got really good food, and it was fun because we all ate from one plate((: I did that before with my Yemeni friends in USA.
After that, we come home, instead of going to the Souq (market) to get our Abayas, which was planned,  because my dad had a headache.
And went to sleep.

Wow, alhamdulialh, we had a lot of fun yesterday!

August 2nd:
Nothing except wake up, then eat, then study, then eat, then take a break on the computer, then study w/ the imam, then eat, then use the computer some more. We are going to go swimming when my dad comes home from Isha prayer, inshAllah.
Oh, and… my birthday is TOMORROW! INSHALLAH! I’m turning 12 years old! 1 more year till I’m a teenager! Mom and Dad’s reaction to upcoming teenager? “Uh oh” LOL

That’s it for today…
I will post tomorrow, inshAllah

P.S. The pic is not uploading right now, so I will put pics later in another post iA. And, this whole blog was writted yesterday, but I forgot to publish


So, my dad told me that I HAVE to do my blog everyday, even if no one reads it…

So what I did today:
I woke up at about 11:30, right when my dad and brother left for Jumah. I finally got out of bed and watched Tom & Jerry. Mama told me to wait for Baba to come back, then we can eat. So, I went on the computer instead. I’ve been on Polyvore.com the whole day!! When baba came home, I ate omelate. Then, I went back on the computer… that’s what I’ve been doing the whole day =\.

That’s it for today…



My mom told me that I should post on my blog more, so I decided that I will.

Anyways, inshAllah, I am moving to Qatar, July 3rd!!! I’m so excited and I can’t wait!!! For those who don’t know, Qatar is in the middle east, near UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The house is, like, empty so it’s really weird and boring, but it will get more exciting July 3! And, we are going to have a big p00l in our backyard… inshAllah! It’s so exciting, alhamdulilah. Our container left on Monday… so all our stuff is gone,  except for the stuff we need for 2 m0nths which is how long it’s gonna take for our container to get there. Wow!

Oh, and inshAllah, we are going to the New York JFK airport in a limousine! Which is a 3 hour ride! I’ve been in a limo before but that was only for 10 minutes, on the way to Abdullah’s Hifz Party…

Anyways, that’s all for right now.

Later, inshAllah,
❤ Reemo


Well, 2 people finished 2 major things recently 🙂


My brother, Abdullah, finished memorizing the Qur’an on March 6th, Alhamdulilah!
Mabrook, Abdullah!


My dad, Amad, graduated MBA at the Wharton school in PA just 2 weeks ago… alhamdulilah!!!
Mabrook, Baba!



I went to Houston TX from April 14 till the 25th… this is what I did there 🙂 :

Tuesday, April 14: Our flight was at 5:30.. and even though it was raining, the flight wasn’t delayed, alhamdulilah… we were avoiding all my grandma’s calls the whole week before because she didn’t know we were coming and it was a surprise. My uncle was there from Saudi Arabia so he cam to pick us up. It was so funny what we did… my uncle went inside and sat down. Then we knocked on the door and my aunt went to open it (she knew) but my uncle stopped her… so my grandma went. She was soo confused. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw us… it was awesome 🙂

Wednsday, April 15: We went to 2 parks… one had mini golf which we did.. and the other had lots of animals (bison, deers, donkeys, moose, etc.) and both of the parks were free =D!

Thursday, April 16: We were gonna go to the science museum from 2-5 because it was free… but we didn’t. Instead we went to the children’s museum which was free from 5-9… it was really fun, alhamdulilah!!

Friday, April 17: We stayed at home 🙂

Saturday, April 18: We went to Bilal bhy’s (a friend) nikah… after that my mom dropped me at Sarah and Norah’s (BFFs) house for a sleepover!! We watched the movie, Fireproof, which was really, really good and funny… then we stayed up till 4 talking (don’t ask about what 🙂 ) until their mom told us to go to sleep.

Sunday, April 19: Of Course, I was still at Sarah and Norah’s house. We went to Toys-R-Us cause Norah’s younger sisters were buying this mini water slide-pool. Then we went to the library to return some books. We came home and decided to play in the water slide. We had to blow it with our MOUTHS which took quite a while. Finally, we got to play in the water! While we were taking turns blowing, we were playing with the hose, which was really fun because they have a swing set… it’s like you are swinging high and someone is standing in front of you with the hose and spraying it on you… it was awesome!!

I have no idea what we did on Monday… lol 🙂

Tuesday, April 21: I went to Clear Lake again and my mom dropped me at Sarah and Norah’s house. We went to a hospital to visit kids with cancer… they did a play about Shrek, which was really cute =]

Wednsday, April 22: I went to clear lake again to Sarah and Norah’s house. We went to Jumpin’ Joey’s (an indoor place with lots of moon bounces). Then I went with my cousins to…. KEMAH BOARD WALK!! 3 cheers for kemah! Hip Hip! Hooray! Hip Hip! Hooray! Hip Hip! Hooray!!!! There, I went on a roller coaster (Boardwalk Bullet) 4 times! Inverter (ride that twists and stays upside-down for a few seconds) 2 times. Pharoh’s Fury (that ship that goes side and side [this one goes REALLY high] ) more than 5 times. And some other million rides…

Thursday: ???

Friday, April 24: Packing and my uncle left.

Saturday, April 25: Flight at 7:30 AM!!!!! UGH!

The End
=D.. And that was how my vacation in TX went 🙂

Alhamdulilah, I had a wonderful time. My hands hurt from typing so much…