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Let’s get goin’ n intro me!

Posted on: January 24, 2008

Hey everyone, Salamualaikum…

I made this new blog because I like word press better and my other old blog is on blog spot ( reemsden.blogspot.com ) , I do not think I’ll be using that blog anymore when everyone knows about this blog.

Let’s intro me now:

My name is Reem and I am 10 years old. I have 1 bro and 1 sis, both younger. My bro is 7 and names Abdullah. My sis is 1 1/2 and names Jana, we call her Noorie. I live in the USA and I am in 5th grade and home schooled. I am from Pakistan.



7 Responses to "Let’s get goin’ n intro me!"

Ahlan wa sahlan to WordPress! 😀

hey kooly

REEM!!! YOU ARE THE CRAZIEST GIRL ON EARTH!!!!!!!!! DON’T YOU IN PUBLIC YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER TELL YOUR BIRTH-DATE??? Well, too bad if you get kidnapped (khuda na karay) because kidnappers are the only ones reading these blogs normally. Just a warining so you should edit it and TAKE AWAY YOU BIRTH-DATE!!!!!!


Hey reem! awesome new blog. i got one (AGAIN!! its xxfatima.blogspot.com) and this time i’ll try to keep it 🙂
so whats up in your place?

WOW, another new blog! Do u even have time to keep with all these blogs?

fatima.. u said the place i live which i dont want to say so ill edit your comment

hmm…lots of comments…
but very few posts…u should post more…maybe keep it as a daily journal!

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