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Posted on: February 12, 2008


My mom turned 31 today but we do not celebrate birthdays. It is sunnah to fast on your birthday. My mom did not even remember that today it was her birthday until a relative send her an email about it.

Well, that’s all folks!



5 Responses to "Mom"

That’s kind of what happened to me as well. I forgot about my birthday too until someone reminded me. But I didn’t know about the fasting, thanks for the tip!

LOL, y’know Reemo, not all adults like to have their age told to the whole world… 🙂

oh wow i didnt know about that fasting thing either.

ur mama is getting really old on age count.
but she is as young as when i married her on every other count.

wow i never knew that. What is the evidence for fasting on your birthday?

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