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Posted on: February 17, 2008


InshAllah, we are going skiing on March 1st! I am so excited, Alhamdulilah. We have been skiing twice last winter, and the first time I took classes so I now how to ski well, Alhamdulilah. It’s so fun, but your stuffed with clothes, heres what I have to wear:

*For the feet you have to wear double, thick socks and joggers (dont worry, before skiing youll wear the boots in the place of your joggers, inshAllah) .

*For your legs, wear a thermal, then jeans, then waterproof pants. 

*For your top, wear a thermal, then 2 regular shirts, a sweater, then a waterproof jacket.

*For your hands, year non-waterproof gloves, then waterproof gloves, or only the water proof gloves. 

*Finally, for your head, wear a hat, then your jackets hat, or one of them.

*P.S. You can wear a mask, goggles, or earmuffs for addition.



4 Responses to "Skiin’=Excitin’"

u’re going skiing when i get a check-mark on all behaviorial points from mama hazoor.

you should trying snowboarding…. it’s a lot more fun but not if you have weak ankles. Insha’Allah you and Abdullah will have a lot of fun. Don’t grow up too fast now!

Tough love from Daddy dearest, eh? :p

i have a really weak ankle 🙂

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