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Snow white

Posted on: February 22, 2008

Salamualaikum. It snowed a lot in the night and all of it gathered, i had soooo much fun, alhamdulilah! Me and my brother even made a snow man, It was very hard and it did not come out very good. Here are the pictures, the picture with the blue van is not our house.




5 Responses to "Snow white"

this is so cute

thank you bobby 🙂

I desperately wanted to make a Muslim snowman this year but we didn’t get enough snow 😦

Reem, are you wearing niqaab? :S

Mouse…yeah she would be wearing niqab from now on! 🙂

j/k…she wanted to cover her face because she was too cold, so i just gave her my niqab 🙂

LOL, good to know… reminds me of my FiL, though, who’s so strict that my hubby jokes he’ll make my SiL (who’s 2 years old right now) wear niqaab when she turns 5 :p

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