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Posted on: February 29, 2008


im so excited, tomorrow we are going skiing at Blue Mountain inshAllah!! Inshallah, today we are going shopping for a face mask or something, the rest of the things we have, alhamdulilah. Today at maghrib time my dads cousin from new jersey will come with his children and wife here at around isha time inshallah. Then they will spent the night here and in the morning m, my bro, dad, his cousin, and his 2 children are driving 2 go skiing whil my mom and little sister stay with dads cousins wife and they will go shopping (cousin they dont go skiing with hijab and abaya) inshAllah!

i really hope i at least get one comment here, no ones barle giving me any comments, by the way, check out abdullahs pencil-man blog   <<<click here.  He invented his own super hero!



5 Responses to "tomorrow=skiing"

How was skiing???

it was fun alhamdulilah, the first time i went down the bigger hill, i crashed in to a complete stranger! it was because i had not practiced enough on the bunny slope

I had went down the bigger hill reem is talking about……like 4 or 5 times.
i had fun on that slope

-smiles for shapes-

did you go to the blue mountain resort? the one in the Poconos?

na, in Blue Mountain

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