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Disney World….. Attention

Posted on: July 9, 2008


i see no one has been coming to my blog for a long time but i feel like writing anyways…. and this is an exciting post so maybe it will bring some attention….. who knowz?

So here is the post finally:
inshallah i am going to disney world on august 2 or 4!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, i am so excited i can’t wait inshallah

and guess what, i am going with shaikh waleed’s family (ex-cluding shaikh waleed), our family, and shaikh waleeds brother in law’s family. inshallah
and shaikh waleeds daughters are my best friends (sarah and norah)!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited that i just cant wait…. we are driving from here (cant tell where but its where i live) to florida. it is about 16 hours!!! but i am glad our new car (sokoya 2008 [the eight appears as a smiley face i dont know why but the number is two thousand eight]) has a TV in it so we can rent movies from the library for free.



3 Responses to "Disney World….. Attention"

Totally awesome. Make sure you drink your milk before heading out. Keep your seat belt on at all times as well!

Reem, thats awesome news MashaAllah that it made me leave a comment. So MashaAllah u r having such a fun and bz summer. Cant wait to hear what u do there. Also dont forget to send me the pictures.

Oooh, masha’Allah!
Have lots of fun and get a Mickey Mouse hat for me to wear over my hijaab (actually, since I’m so far away, you can wear it for me!) 😉

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