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4 eyes

Posted on: July 28, 2008


I’ve got four eyes not, im an alien! From saturn!

just kidding, iv got glasses now, i never reliezed that the world is as colourful and not dull as it is now with my glasses. now, alhamdulilah, I can read far, see far, nothing is so dull anymore, and everything is ccolorful.

Right now, i just got cheap, plastic, cute and dark pink and clear colored glasses (10 dollars originally 18 but on sale) because when i go to disney world inshallah, if thye fall or get lost or anything, then they will be cheap ones, but inshallah when i come back from florida, then ill get better ones, inshallah.

i am gonna check with my dad to see if he will allow me to put my picture on my blog with glassses, inshallah.



my glasses are rectriangle which i think are the best and both my mom and dad have the same shape too

i hope i get comments inshallah


2 Responses to "4 eyes"

Mabrook Reem =). I remember when i got glasses i had the same type of experience— ‘whaa? the world has sooo much detail!’

take care

You r doing great – Keep writing – dont give up.


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