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Poem Contest

Posted on: November 17, 2008


Here is another contest… poem contest.


Has to be about your mother, your father, or someone is your family

Maximum 1 page Minimum quarter page

Deadline this Sunday coming up (nov 22)


2 Responses to "Poem Contest"

Oh, I just found this from Muslimmatters.org. I actually did write a mother – hope I can still enter it since there are no comments yet 🙂

A Mother’s Love
Arif Kabir

A mother once gave birth to a beautiful boy,
Who soon became her source of joy,

Soon after, she went through a serious plight;
She lost one of her eyes, greatly affecting her sight,

She always took him to school and would never complain,
Even if meant that she had to wait for him in the rain,

The boy soon discovered that one of his worst fears
Had come true as he noticed his friends and peers

Treated his semi-blind mom as if she was strange,
Embarrassment filled him and his attitude started to change,

Instead of his mother, he picked his peers to appease,
He told her, “Don’t pick me up from school again, please”,

“I believe I am old enough to come home alone”,
To his mother, this type of behavior was entirely unknown,

Even though shocked and sad at hearing these words,
She nodded her head softly and hoped afterwards

That he would understand his mistake and correct his ways,
Sadly, this didn’t happen, and after many days

When he was much older and had by now left the house,
When he lived on his own along with his children and spouse,

The mother decided to visit her son one day,
To see if her son and his family were doing okay,

As someone opened the door, she smiled
As she saw it was her beautiful grandchild,

Sadly however, the child’s reaction wasn’t the same,
The child started crying and her father came

To see what was making his daughter cry,
When he saw who it was, he let out a sigh,

He told his mother, “You are making the children cry so I implore”
“Please don’t come back to visit us anymore…”

The mother said softly, “I must have come to the wrong address”,
“I am sorry for taking your time and causing you such distress”,

As she started on her way back home and turned around,
As her tears started to pour steadily on the ground,

She couldn’t understand why her child despised her so much so,
She supplicated to her Lord and asked him to bestow

His forgiveness on her son, who committed such cruelty
To his mother who cared for him in the midst of so much difficulty,

Months passed and the man started to speculate
On how was his mother and how was her state,

Because he noticed she stopped trying to contact him,
So he decided to go visit her on just a whim,

He arrived at the house and on the door was taped a dusty letter,
He pulled it off and cleaned it so he could read better,

“Son, by the time you receive this letter, it will be too late,
I must have already passed the prearranged date,

On the last day I was supposed to live,
I just want you to know that I forgive

Any harmful actions you may have done,
Also keep in mind, my only son,

I have always continuously loved you,
Despite all I have been through,

I know it may have never crossed your mind,
But the reason I am semi-blind

Is because many years back, we were involved in a crash,
Thankfully, nothing happened to me other than a small gash,

But when I turned around and saw your tender face, I started to cry
Because I noticed that in the accident, you had lost an eye,

So I decided to do what any mother would do for her beloved son,
I sacrificed one of my eyes for you so that your life would be a happy one,

Therefore, it fills my heart with pain,
When you look at me with such disdain,

I hope you finally understand,
That I would fulfill your any demand,

To keep you pleased and content,
And to keep your joy to the highest extent,

The man broke down crying and repented to his Lord,
And asked that his mother be given the highest reward,

For all her patience and for all her care,
For taking more than anyone else could ever bear…

I meant to say, “I actually wrote about a story of a mother”. Can you please change that? Jazaakumillahu Khairan…

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