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My vacation in Houston, TX

Posted on: May 9, 2009


I went to Houston TX from April 14 till the 25th… this is what I did there 🙂 :

Tuesday, April 14: Our flight was at 5:30.. and even though it was raining, the flight wasn’t delayed, alhamdulilah… we were avoiding all my grandma’s calls the whole week before because she didn’t know we were coming and it was a surprise. My uncle was there from Saudi Arabia so he cam to pick us up. It was so funny what we did… my uncle went inside and sat down. Then we knocked on the door and my aunt went to open it (she knew) but my uncle stopped her… so my grandma went. She was soo confused. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw us… it was awesome 🙂

Wednsday, April 15: We went to 2 parks… one had mini golf which we did.. and the other had lots of animals (bison, deers, donkeys, moose, etc.) and both of the parks were free =D!

Thursday, April 16: We were gonna go to the science museum from 2-5 because it was free… but we didn’t. Instead we went to the children’s museum which was free from 5-9… it was really fun, alhamdulilah!!

Friday, April 17: We stayed at home 🙂

Saturday, April 18: We went to Bilal bhy’s (a friend) nikah… after that my mom dropped me at Sarah and Norah’s (BFFs) house for a sleepover!! We watched the movie, Fireproof, which was really, really good and funny… then we stayed up till 4 talking (don’t ask about what 🙂 ) until their mom told us to go to sleep.

Sunday, April 19: Of Course, I was still at Sarah and Norah’s house. We went to Toys-R-Us cause Norah’s younger sisters were buying this mini water slide-pool. Then we went to the library to return some books. We came home and decided to play in the water slide. We had to blow it with our MOUTHS which took quite a while. Finally, we got to play in the water! While we were taking turns blowing, we were playing with the hose, which was really fun because they have a swing set… it’s like you are swinging high and someone is standing in front of you with the hose and spraying it on you… it was awesome!!

I have no idea what we did on Monday… lol 🙂

Tuesday, April 21: I went to Clear Lake again and my mom dropped me at Sarah and Norah’s house. We went to a hospital to visit kids with cancer… they did a play about Shrek, which was really cute =]

Wednsday, April 22: I went to clear lake again to Sarah and Norah’s house. We went to Jumpin’ Joey’s (an indoor place with lots of moon bounces). Then I went with my cousins to…. KEMAH BOARD WALK!! 3 cheers for kemah! Hip Hip! Hooray! Hip Hip! Hooray! Hip Hip! Hooray!!!! There, I went on a roller coaster (Boardwalk Bullet) 4 times! Inverter (ride that twists and stays upside-down for a few seconds) 2 times. Pharoh’s Fury (that ship that goes side and side [this one goes REALLY high] ) more than 5 times. And some other million rides…

Thursday: ???

Friday, April 24: Packing and my uncle left.

Saturday, April 25: Flight at 7:30 AM!!!!! UGH!

The End
=D.. And that was how my vacation in TX went 🙂

Alhamdulilah, I had a wonderful time. My hands hurt from typing so much…




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