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August 1 & 2, 2009

Posted on: August 3, 2009

Asslamualaikum. I didn’t get to post yesterday because I was out of the house most of the day… so I’m posting todays and yesterdays blog in one day.

August 1st:

Friday night, me and Abdullah sneaked out of bed, after our parents went to sleep. I went in bed around 4:30AM, and I told Abdullah to come too, but, unfortunantly, he didn’t listen. So, when my mom woke up for Fajr prayer, Abdullah got caught. Which made him blame me (I was already asleep), which made both of us in trouble. I didn’t get to sleep in yesterday, but I consider 12 noon early. So, I had to wake up early =\
Until 4pm we did nothing, but use the computer, watch TV, and eat (lazy, I know). Then, we got ready, and left our house for bowling! We followed our neighbors (and friends) to the place in Baba’s new, temporary, and totally FAZOOL (useless, but alhamdulilah) car. When we got to the place, we discovered something horrifing, especially for the girls. No one in Abaya, thowb, shorts, or skirt is allowed to play. Dude! It’s a MUSLIM country. There are NO rules like this in USA at all! All the girls (other than babies, which only leaves 2 moms and me) were wearing Abaya, including me. (I also took a picture of this sign, which something was spelled incorrect [picture] )

So, of course, we left that place, and went to the bowling place in City Center Mall, which is a 5 floor Mall, including an Ice Skating rink, Bowling center, Grocery store (yeah, I’m serious), Arcade, and a Movie Theater! And it’s only a 10 minute walk from our temporary apt. We went bowling there, and there were only 5 players per game, so me, Abdullah, and the babies shared one player (UGH!), my dad, my mom, mom’s friend, and dad’s friend. Baba ended up letting me play for him after half of the game… and the babies took most of their parents turns. So, basicly Abdullah got his own player. In the end, baba’s friend one, then mama’s friend, then baba, then babies, then mama (aww).
Then we left after playing one game, and went to this Qatari restraunt (finally!). Wallahi, that place was awesome! Alhamdulilah! We went upstairs, and there were these little private rooms, where you sit on the floor with cushions. (Men seperate, woman seperate, so they could take off their niqab). Over there, my dad and his friend met up with another friend (planned) and his wife. We got really good food, and it was fun because we all ate from one plate((: I did that before with my Yemeni friends in USA.
After that, we come home, instead of going to the Souq (market) to get our Abayas, which was planned,  because my dad had a headache.
And went to sleep.

Wow, alhamdulialh, we had a lot of fun yesterday!

August 2nd:
Nothing except wake up, then eat, then study, then eat, then take a break on the computer, then study w/ the imam, then eat, then use the computer some more. We are going to go swimming when my dad comes home from Isha prayer, inshAllah.
Oh, and… my birthday is TOMORROW! INSHALLAH! I’m turning 12 years old! 1 more year till I’m a teenager! Mom and Dad’s reaction to upcoming teenager? “Uh oh” LOL

That’s it for today…
I will post tomorrow, inshAllah

P.S. The pic is not uploading right now, so I will put pics later in another post iA. And, this whole blog was writted yesterday, but I forgot to publish


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