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Vacation in America

Posted on: August 22, 2010


So, my vacation in America was a blast. My brother and I got to go to America alone, because my mom and lil sis had already left, beacause my Grandfather was sick, and my dad was with us, but he still had to finish work, so we got to go alone…  Houston was amazing… I got to meet my best friends, have sleepovers, go to amusement parks and theaters, and stuff like that… we went to Delaware in the middle of July, and then we went to the mountains in Pennsylvania. Over there, we stayed in a rented house for 5 days right next to the lake. We went real white water rafting and that was the most awesome experience I’d ever had. It was a 6 mile course and we got to just off the raft at any time and swim, we stopped on shore and had a picnic, we went through rapids, and we jumped off these huge cliffs, which was like a roller coaster going down free style, and suddenly hitting the water! We also went to the beach and the zoo over there and fed giraffes and held parrots (eek, but I did it xD).  And back in Houston, we went to AlMaghrib’s IlmSummit, which was fun! I didn’t really attend the classes, but I just went to stay with my parents over there for one day, but attended up staying for a week because it was fun. The sisters were really nice, we played games, and then Baba Ali came. Yes! I MET BABA ALI!!! =). So yeah.. then we also came back by ourselves (my brother and I) 1 week after my parents… that was a summer to remember!

That’s all folks!



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