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Everything about me

My family is:

I am a 11 year old girl in USA. I have one brother, sister, and mom and dad. My bro is 7 and my sis is 2. Me and my brother are home schooled by my mom at home. My dad is a engineer ,and he also is in MBA Wharton, inshAllah, he will graduate in May 2009.

My interests are:

Reading, Painting, Art, Crafts, Sewing, Computers, Internet, E-mail, Chatting, Drawing, Library, Islam.

I am:

A muslim, a bookworm, a hafidhah, and a blogger.

My favorite books are:

Box Car Children mysteries, Junie B. series, Tree House mysteries, A-Z mysteries, Baily School Kid mysteries, Nancy Drew mysteries, Bernstein Bear series, Encyclopedia Brown mysteries, American Girl series, Jaguar, Star.

My favorite movies are:

Narnia, Batman Begins, The Parent Trap, Spider man II, Spider man III, Tom & Jerry, Sponge Bob, Th e golden compass, Alvin and the Chipmunks (i want to watch it).

I love mysteries.



4 Responses to "Everything about me"

MashaAllah Reem 🙂
That’s beautiful that you have the Quraan memorized!
May Allah bless you always 🙂

Mashallah, I’m soo happy to hear that there’s a lil sis out there who’s a hafidha! I can’t believe it, please email me and tell me how you did it, would love to know! Also if u have facebook add me, its Farhana Khan. May Allah preserve our Quran in our hearts!

P.s. Oh yeah, I also finished my hifdh but im way older than you : P lol.

i’d love to tell you how i did it! but i don’t know your email :)…

and i don’t have a facebook account 😦 my dad said no.. but my mom does!

Salamz:) I found you on twitter , my twitter username is wild_tiger_101 ADD ME 🙂 , I am an Muslim Australian and I just realised that I have sooooo much in common with you :)Im 13 and so are you , I am a hafidha and so are u !!:) cool:) I am homeschooled and so are u !!:) you love mysteries and so do I !!!!!! do we happen to be sisters?? LOL:)Jokes:)

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